Funding Opportunities

Financial support for informatics graduate students

Attending graduate school is an investment in your future. The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering and the Department of Informatics strive to provide financial support to all graduate students during their academic careers.

You must maintain full-time status in order to receive funding. Additionally, international students must maintain full-time status to remain in visa compliance. Contact the Office of International Services with questions about visa compliance.

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Funding for master’s students

All informatics master’s students are awarded a $1,000 technology award and a travel award of up to $800.

Some master’s students may be awarded a ten-hour-per-week appointment for duties within the school; however, these appointments are awarded based on availability of funds and are not guaranteed for all master’s students. If you receive this award, you’ll be required to attend a training session in the fall and to sign an employment contract.

Student academic appointments (SAAs)

SAAs are the primary form of Ph.D. student financial support. There are two types of SAAs: associate instructorships and research assistantships.

SAA application and benefits

You are automatically considered for an SAA when you apply for admission. If you are admitted, your admission letter will include funding information.

All SAAs include a monthly stipend for 10 months. SAA stipends are considered graduate student financial support and compensation for assigned academic duties, and therefore are taxable income.

SAAs also include a fee remission and subsidized health insurance. The fee remission is restricted to a maximum of 30 credit hours in an academic year—up to 12 credit hours in the fall, up to 12 credit hours in the spring, and up to 6 credit hours in the summer. The fee remission is not taxable.

Maintaining full-time status

The SAA is a 50 percent appointment, which equates to 20 hours per week. If you have a 20-hours-per-week SAA, and have accumulated 90 or more hours of graduate credit, you are required to enroll in 6 credit hours for each term that you are on appointment. Failure to meet the enrollment requirements may result in termination of the SAA.

Note that by enrolling in fewer than 8 credit hours per semester, it will take longer to complete your program. Additionally, you must have approval from your advisor, track director, and the department’s director of graduate studies to enroll in fewer than 8 credit hours, or you may lose your funding.

Requirements and expectations

If you receive an SAA, you are required to sign an employment contract, supply the documentation that is required for the hiring process, attend a training session in the fall, complete several online tasks, and follow all policies in IU’s Graduate Student Academic Appointees Guide.

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Summer appointments

A limited number of summer AI and RA appointments are available. These appointments are allocated on the basis of students’ scholarly, research, and/or teaching performance.