M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction

IU’s HCI/d program was the first in the United States to emphasize design as an equal partner to HCI.

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Our fall 2018 master’s cohort

Our fall 2018 class includes 46 admitted students in the M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction Design and the M.S. in Informatics programs. The cohort comprises:

  • 67 percent female and 33 percent male students
  • 63 percent international and 37 percent domestic students
  • 76 percent Asian students, 18 percent white students, 2 percent American Indian/Alaska Native students, and 4 percent who did not specify

Description of the video:

00:00 being in the cohort and the culture of
00:02 the cohort is a lot like having a family
00:05 that you don't really know that well at
00:08 first and you're getting to know God
00:15 means like unity and family thing
00:19 feeling of that oh man I like a lot of
00:23 that's called cohort I like sorry I know
00:25 that's weird but like cohort like it's
00:28 just the connotations with it are kind
00:31 of really true like I kind of thought
00:32 cohort as a class at first like Oh class
00:35 of 2019 which here at IU that's what
00:38 10,000 people that's not really family
00:40 whereas here a cohort like the
00:42 connotations I've learned with the art
00:44 of more like family and friends and
00:46 people I can really depend on I have
00:49 never been happy in such close
00:53 relationship with a cohort before in my
00:56 undergraduate so
00:58 like we would
01:01 have tea meeting its
01:06 not not only about the project but also
01:10 about our lives before and what we
01:13 wanted to do in the future a ton of
01:15 people who are all completely different
01:17 but everybody's on the same page because
01:20 everyone's here for the same reasons we
01:22 go to a lot of events together we will
01:26 invite childr to our places so we really
01:31 have a great connection with each other
01:34 I know everyone's name I know everyone's
01:36 first and last name I another face it's
01:37 like it's cool like we're we are a big
01:40 family and we care about each other
01:43 that makes me feel really good and I've
01:47 never been friend befriended so many
01:50 people so fast and had such an
01:53 instantaneous deep-rooted connection and
01:56 it's not just like surface level it's
02:00 like much deeper

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