B.S. in Informatics

Shape the future with your B.S. in Informatics

With a B.S. in Informatics, you will gain the capacity to understand, create, and use technologies to help shape a more inclusive and diverse future. If you are passionate about technology, especially the human-side of technology–its impact on our society and what we can do about it–informatics is for you. You’ll graduate with hands-on, real-world experience gained through internships, capstone projects, or a senior thesis that will set you apart and give you a jump-start to your career.

Choose from more than 30 specialty areas in our extensive list of cognates to customize your experience, including options with Luddy’s security or human-centered computing programs or from schools across campus, such as the Kelley School of Business or the Jacobs School of Music. With more than 1,250 students, informatics is one of the five largest programs at IU, giving you the opportunity to build an expansive network with those who share your interests.

A degree in informatics will set you on a path to a high-demand, well-paid career across a number of different fields. Informatics graduates have gone on to develop systems to keep people with dementia safe; track proximity during COVID-19; lead youth technology programs to improve rural community health in South America; improve the future of agriculture; and more.

Earn classroom credit while building valuable professional experience

The heart of informatics is solving real-world problems through technology, and students can gain experience while earning credit toward their degree. Our I391 Internship in Informatics Professional Practice course and our I491 Capstone Project Internship allow you to use the professional world to build your resume and developing skills that will be invaluable.

Cap off your education

Your senior capstone project showcases all you’ve learned. You’ll work with a group to create an app, website, strategic plan, policy proposal, or device that will demonstrate your skills to prospective employers.

Your capstone project allows you to solve a specific problem for a local individual or organization, or to find a broader solution for the world at large. You can use the capstone project to explore areas where you want to further your education, or you can even turn your project into a business.

Your capstone project is your chance to show how what you’ve learned can change the world.

You can also fulfill your capstone requirement through an internship, service learning, or a thesis. Learn more about these options.

A student makes a capstone presentation.