B.S. in Informatics

Shape the future with your B.S. in Informatics

Explore how technology can fuel discoveries and innovations in virtually any discipline when you earn your bachelor’s degree in informatics.

Whether you’re interested in business, entrepreneurship, telecommunications, security, fine arts, media, or almost any other career, the knowledge you’ll gain about technology—and how people interact with it—will give you the foundation you need to succeed.

But you won’t be studying technology for technology’s sake. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a cognate that supports the area you’re most interested in, from biology to philosophy to user experience design. You’ll learn how informatics intersects with your interests. You’ll develop skills and knowledge to advance the future—and your future career.

Because employers rely on technology more and more each day, informatics grads are in high demand. Get a head start on your career with an internship.

Cap off your education

In your senior year, your capstone project lets you showcase all you’ve learned. You’ll work with a group to create something—an app, website, strategic plan, policy proposal, or device—that will demonstrate your skills to prospective employers.

Your capstone project allows you to solve a specific problem for a local individual or organization, or to find a broader solution for the world at large. You can use the capstone project to explore areas where you want to further your education, or you can even turn your project into a business.

Your capstone project is your chance to show how what you’ve learned can change the world.

A student makes a capstone presentation.

Earn classroom credit while building valuable professional experience

The heart of informatics is solving real-world problems through technology, and students can gain experience while earning credit toward their degree. Our I391 Internship in Informatics Professional Practice course and our I491 Capstone Project Internship allow you to use the professional world to build your resume and developing skills that will be invaluable.

Review your degree requirements

All informatics undergraduate degree requirements are listed in the Luddy academic bulletin. To review your specific requirements, choose the bulletin that represents the year you entered IU.

If your start year isn’t listed here, you can find an earlier bulletin.

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